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FFVIII 100 Word Challenge

One Word. 100 Words

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Name:FFVIII 100 Word Challenge
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Community description:100 Word Drabble Prompt Community
Drabble challenge community for Final Fantasy VIII

[personal profile] cydling

The Gist Of It.

It's simple.

I put up a prompt. You write a minimum of 100 words for said prompt.
The amount of words should be 100 to 500.
You post the work. Not a link. Links will be deleted.
A new prompt goes up every two weeks.

Seriously, every other prompt community I've come across is awesome and has added fuel to this fire.

THis is now moderated.
I want you to join! I want you to write drabbles. Join us!

Constructive criticism is welcome and might be asked for. Please make sure it is constructive criticism, not just criticism. I don't want to have to delete comments because you're being a douchecanoe.

Team Compitition:
To make it a little more exciting, for every successful drabble (on topic), you receive ten (10) points to the team of your choice - Balamb, Trabia and Galbadia Gardens or Esthar.

You can change your allegiance weekly or by drabble as you like (so if you write 5 drabbles, each drabble can be a different team!)

The winning team gets the sweet satisfaction of knowing they beat the others - which can be pretty nice at times. If I'm feeling really nice, I'll slap a ribbon up. Or something.

► Everything is welcome - Gen, Het, LGBTIA+. If it's underage just slap a note about it.
Trigger warnings: this would be stuff like rape, violence, abuse (not just the physical) - IF YOU WRITE IT, PUT THE TRIGGER WARNING ON IT.
Squick: This might be something like blood play, choking, MPREG, or other sort of things like such. Don't label it as a trigger warning.

►Prose drabbles only please and thank you, unless it's the prompt. Then go bananas.

► No off-topic posts allowed. Anything off-topic will be deleted. Sorry, not sorry.

► Challenges are closed and new ones posted every second week.
Of course, if the new Challenge hasn't been put up, you still have time to post your drabble! And to be fair, I do drop the ball at times (read a lot as of late) - keep calm and write on.

I use this as a prompt so save the crossover stuff for then.

No blatant AUs.
No Squall as a rockstar. No Seifer as a stripper. This is another prompt I like to revisit. Keep the AUs for that prompt.

► Original characters are okay, as long as they are not the focus of the drabble. Example: An OC cadet during the NORG throw down. That's cool.

All drabbles must stand alone. No chaptered drabbles. You can call them parts of a whole, but they must be readable and understandable individually, by themselves.

► If you have so many drabbles that the titles can't fit in the subject line, stick it up as: # of drabbles for XX team

Otherwise it's confusing and I don't need to be confused. It's like "Don't feed the animals" only, "Don't confuse your Mod."

► There is no limit to the number of drabbles you may post per week. SRS.

► Please LJ-cut your drabbles if you post more than two at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut. If you fail at LJ-cuts, then uh, I'm sorry. I'll probably facepalm and help you through it.
Reiterating: If your drabble contains triggering or explicit material (violence or explicit sex) stick it behind cut tags.

► New challenge topics can be suggested in the new challenge post, or The Suggestion Box or by sending an e-mail to the community moderator: via DW messages or

Extra Bits

Challenges will be stored in the Memories/Tags section after each challenge is closed. Your Mod tries to stay on top of this - if it's not done, it hasn't been ignored, probably just me dropping the ball or not having enough time to do it.

Posts should look like this:

Subject field:

Title of Drabble. If multiple drabbles are posted, list all titles like One / Two / Three. Untitled drabbles should have Untitled [and #]. If there are too many, write the number of drabbles in the subject line. VERY IMPORTANT because I'm counting for points!

Header Information in post for drabbles

Title: Title of drabble again.
Characters/Pairings: If it is a surprise, write "surprise".
Rating: If it's under PG-13 don't worry about it. If you do need it, please follow This Rating. I have a strong hate for all others. PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY PUT WHY IT'S THAT RATING: violence, sex, torture, nightmare fuel, or a squick.
Team: Your team - Balamb, Trabia, Galbadia Gardens or Esthar.
Word Count: how many words you wrote.
Author's Notes: Optional unless necessary. Subject matter warnings if you didn't put them above and anything else you have to say.

Body of drabble goes here.

Here is the html for the headers. You may need to paste it into Notepad first:

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